Mother Daughter Poem

A Mother's Endless Love

This poem is for my mom, because I want to tell the world how blissful I am to have a wonderful gift from God. Even though I am not always a good daughter, still she loves and accepts me wholeheartedly. Her love for me is endless.

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The Greatest Love


Published: March 2017

From the moment
I came into this world,
you gave to me
your heart and soul.

You give up all the time
you have for yourself
just to show to me
how much I mean to you.

Every day and every night
you give to me all your love.
You run to me
when I call your name.

You embrace me
to heal my pain.
The warmth of your touch
will always be in my heart.

Even if the time will come
that God will take you away from me,
I will never forget
your undying love for me.

Your love molds me
to become a person with morality.
Sorry for all the times
that I just made you cry.

Sorry if I can't return
all your love for me.
To all of my imperfections,
your love for me will never change.

Your love for me will always be true,
for your love for me is endless.
I love you, Mom, now and forever.
I'll love you, Mom, until the end of forever.



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