Sickness Poem

Dementia From The Parent’s Perspective

My beautiful mum passed away on the January 20, 2020. I looked after mum at home for 10 years and then mum was placed in a care facility where she was for 3 years.

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My friends Dad has this. She would love this poem.

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Debbie Bell ©

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2020 with permission of the Author.

Help me to remember
What I forget each day.
Don't let the dementia
Take my memories away.
Keep reminding me
What we used to do,
And always remember
I'll always love you.
You are my beautiful child,
That will never change.
Though the dementia
Will make me act strange,
It's not my fault, my love.
It's the dementia that I have.
It's what is does to you,
So try not to be sad.
Just hold my hand
And try to reassure me.
If I'm very confused
Just change the story.
At times I will be there.
I'll remember little things,
But then it will fade again
And sadness it will bring.


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  • Debbie Comspon by Debbie Comspon
  • 2 years ago

My friends Dad has this. She would love this poem.

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