Mother Death Poem

Losing A Mother To Alzheimer's Disease

I lost my mother to Alzheimer's disease after 15 years of living and coping with the disease. The road was a long, hard one, with anxiety, heartaches, and sadness. Her death was heartbreaking but a relief in a way for her and for us. She had no idea who we were and lost all her memories. I wrote the poem for her funeral as it depicted exactly how I felt.

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For Mum


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2021 with permission of the Author.

Your time has come to leave us, Mum.
Dad called you back to him.
The ballroom floor is ready
For your dancing to begin.

Although you left some time ago,
As your memory slipped away,
I hope you were remembering
When you danced the nights away.

You did so much throughout your life
But so much you couldn't recall.
I knew it was in there somewhere,
but it was hard to find it all.

You remembered lovely flowers
And the songs you used to sing,
Dancing to the operas,
And the joy they used to bring.

But it was hard for you to remember
Just who I was to you,
And you didn't know my name, Mum;
That was hard to recall too.

Once the fog has lifted,
And it's clearer for you to see,
I hope you will remember
Just how much you meant to me.


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