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Does religion cause war?

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Religion: What Is It That Makes Us Mark Ourselves?


Published: April 2008

Why continue to fight against
your brother for a vengeance
that is not your own?

It will be a better time when
we live to be alive together
than fight to die alone.

Be still and understand
the things in your path,
and be slow to defend a
position that you need not
seek for a purpose that is not your own.

What good would command men to
do such evil? What kind of evil
it must be to make men do things
so terrible to themselves in the name
of what they claim is good.

What is a God but a reason
for men to do evil and believe it
for an honorable purpose?

Gods. Are they real?
Are they different than men?
Better or Worse!
What better reason to have
to continue to fight a battle
that is not your own than
a purpose so great as
to control the beast in men.


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