Bullying Poem

Poem About The Words Of A Bully

I had this friend who wasn't afraid to be herself. She would constantly get picked on for it. There was this one girl who was especially cruel, but we never really understood why.

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

She's a dragon.
Fights you with her breath,
Engulfs you in her flames.
You are now the target of her blames.

Her words,
They burn on your skin,
So hot that you'll sweat,
Leaving an impression you'll never forget.

Her teeth, sharp,
Tear through your heart.
You are caught in her snare,
But all she does is sit and stare.

She's not your friend,
And she's quick to remind you,
You're a pest to her,
Before she kills who you once were.


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