Bullying Poem

Standing Up For Yourself

The reason behind this poem is because I see people every day at my school getting bullied, and I just wanted to let everyone know that you're not alone and not let what people say bring you down. You can't stop people from bullying, just like you can't stop people from killing people, but you can stand up for yourself.

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Sticks And Stones

© more by Lanna M

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2017 with permission of the Author.

Your words, they cut like knives,
but they'll never bring me down.
You may push me in the deep end,
but I will never drown.

Your words, they burn like fire,
but I will not let them scar.
You cannot bring me down.
I've gotten way too far.

Your words push me and shove me down,
but I will always stand.
I will always do my best.
I will do everything I can.

So don't waste your time on me.
You will not see me cry.
You may have brought me down a bit,
but I will continue to fly

Your words may hurt like sticks and stones,
but I refuse to bleed.
I know you really hate me,
but this isn't what I need.


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