Son Death Poem

* Story behind my poem -
My husband and I lost our son suddenly, under traumatic circumstances in August 2023. My words reflect my thoughts that we had re our plans, goals & our family as a whole. Now gone forever.

* About me -
I met my husband of 23 years at the tender age of 14, during high school. We were young parents, my giving birth to our eldest son at 18. Our 2nd child, Zac, born in 1999. We 4 were a very close family, we shared so much. My 2 boys were my life. Sadly now, we are 3.

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I was very touched reading this poem for I also have lost my only child ,a day before her 37th birthday,15 years ago. Sadly she had no children. I understand every parents nightmare when you...

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Family Love, And Loss


Published by Family Friend Poems December 28, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Dreams always go so slow but are gone so fast.
A life longed and made, miracles that are gifted, then stolen away,
hopes created for years that can be vanished without a trace before you can blink.

They say you only miss loved ones when you miss home,
The roots, the trees that you've outgrown.

The connections of loved ones lost ... your happiness that has come at a cost,
Did they know just what they did?.. a life that was saved!
How could I show them when we 'had' to be paid?

They spent nights alone in wonder of when I would return,
passed from 'here to there' for a life that had to be earned.

We had love, we had laughter and we had US.
That alone we treasured, for THAT this world could never take from us.
Our family, the bond the 4 of us together ....

For united we were strong, a force to be reckoned with,
and no matter what the world threw at us,
together we knew that we "had this".

Two kids (us) full of problems, past demons still not tied,
and then what we did is create two new little lives;
Two little humans who stopped us in our tracks,
who made us grow up and start facing the facts  -
that no life is perfect, but happiness can be found.

So, a life with 4 we created, and a love so strong was found.
They grew up so quick and we grew right with them,
making mistakes and stumbling through each problem.

We were not perfect and would never claim to be,
but we loved hard and we tried.
and I hope that's what they've seen.

It breaks my heart to speak these words
when one child has left this earth yet one remains.
To fill my heart with sadness and dark,
would that just dim my first born's spark?

For he is it now our life will go on,
to bring happiness and future, and more family still not known.

But we know as we move forward, one step at a time,
that he is always with us,
and he will continue to shine.

Through moments of joy that we all share together,
during tears and upset, and when our hopes hang by a tether.

That togetherness created, pure love that needs no words,
That bond between the four of us,
with that, we will endure.

~ Danielle ~


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  • Phyllis Riley by Phyllis Riley
  • 4 months ago

I was very touched reading this poem for I also have lost my only child ,a day before her 37th birthday,15 years ago. Sadly she had no children. I understand every parents nightmare when you have lost a child. This poem was outstanding for it has a heart filled lift knowing that there is another child or adult to give love and support to and also keeping your devotion of life to the loss of another child. Parents grieving of their loss sometimes doesn't realize how their other children may be going through their grief losing a sibling, however in this poem everyone was included in the family. I was very moved and actually made my heart smile.

I am sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing your story, God bless you and your family.

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