Funeral Poem

Poem About Finding Strength In Loss

After the recent passing of my aunt, my cousin asked me if I would write some words to read at her funeral. I was inspired to write a poem based on my understanding of life and death.

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Full Circle


Published by Family Friend Poems April 12, 2023 with permission of the Author.

A smile can mask
our deepest fears
but it doesn't wipe
away the tears

The sadness, the loss,
the emptiness therein
caused by an onslaught of
memories set deep within

But we're told it's only
for the shortest duration,
that we'll be reunited
with the rest of creation

For the universe states
that nothing really dies
we grow stronger wings
and then take to the skies

The next part of the journey
is unbeknownst to us
but we have to have faith,
love, and trust

That something so special
awaits at the door
beckoning us through
to find something more

There are some who have 
this profound understanding
that consciousness lives on
always growing, expanding

If you look deep within
you'll see this is true
regrettably only
a few really do

For the light that we came with
never goes out
It shines brighter and brighter
look there's no doubt

The comfort this brings
that life does go on
will help one find peace
and become more headstrong

So please don't feel sadness
on this special day
as our loved ones are just
a mere thought away


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