Baby Death Poem

Loss Due To Stillbirth

I lost a baby due to stillbirth. One moment my world was full of anticipation and hope...the next it fell to pieces. I fell into a deep black hole. This is a tribute to him.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Timothy Halliday © more by Timothy Halliday

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020 with permission of the Author.

You were a ripple on a glass-like pond,
Just a moment in time; it's hard to respond.

A wave crashing onto an empty beach,
I went to talk, but I've lost all speech.

A whisper in the winter night's air.
How can this be true, how can this be fair?

You were meant to live; this just feels rotten.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

A ray of sunshine through darkened clouds.
The silence is deafening amidst the crowds.

The sound of a bee on a summer's day,
You were here for a moment, but then you went away.

I keep you in my heart like a trap I'm caught in.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

I will love you always, you have to know.
You were so small, no time to grow.

You were here for a moment, and then you were gone.
It's hard to move forward; it's hard to go on.

I remember you still; I wrapped you in cotton.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

I want to shout, and I still want to scream.
I want to wake up out of this terrible dream.

Your beauty took my breath away.
I wish you could still be here; I wish you could stay.

I'm meant to move on; I'm meant to climb,
But how do I move past that brief moment in time?

There's only one thought when I remember you now.
The promise I made, I remember my vow.

I know what I told you; I'd love you forever.
You're gone now, but forget you? Never!!

So remember please my only begotten.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten...



I have been writing poems for a while now and my friends and family thought I should start keeping them, i’d write one for special days like anniversary’s or weddings, or just to pass the time... but I’d delete or dispose of them, but I’d like to share a few with you, I hope you enjoy them. Please share if you like them....

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