Baby Death Poem

Loss Due To Stillbirth

I lost a baby due to stillbirth. One moment my world was full of anticipation and hope...the next it fell to pieces. I fell into a deep black hole. This is a tribute to him.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Timothy Halliday © more by Timothy Halliday

Published: October 13, 2020

You were a ripple on a glass-like pond,
Just a moment in time; it's hard to respond.

A wave crashing onto an empty beach,
I went to talk, but I've lost all speech.

A whisper in the winter night's air.
How can this be true, how can this be fair?

You were meant to live; this just feels rotten.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

A ray of sunshine through darkened clouds.
The silence is deafening amidst the crowds.

The sound of a bee on a summer's day,
You were here for a moment, but then you went away.

I keep you in my heart like a trap I'm caught in.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

I will love you always, you have to know.
You were so small, no time to grow.

You were here for a moment, and then you were gone.
It's hard to move forward; it's hard to go on.

I remember you still; I wrapped you in cotton.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

I want to shout, and I still want to scream.
I want to wake up out of this terrible dream.

Your beauty took my breath away.
I wish you could still be here; I wish you could stay.

I'm meant to move on; I'm meant to climb,
But how do I move past that brief moment in time?

There's only one thought when I remember you now.
The promise I made, I remember my vow.

I know what I told you; I'd love you forever.
You're gone now, but forget you? Never!!

So remember please my only begotten.
You're gone now, but you're not forgotten...


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