Grandmother Poem

Written as a class assignment for my niece.

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Grandma Saves The Day


Published: June 2011

When I was two, grandma was on her way to the mall,
There she met with Ms. Mary who looked as if she was ill.
Ms. Mary was about to fall,
So grandma gave her a pill.
Grandma saved the day!

When I was three, I was scared of Barney;
So grandma bought me a stuffed dinosaur.
She placed it by the chimney.
This scared me even more.
Grandma saved the day!

When I was four, she took me to the zoo.
While I was mesmerized by the size of the lion's mouth .
She didn't like the smell of its poo.
And decided to let him out.
Grandma saved the day!

When I was five, grandma entered a charity race.
Her glasses fell and she stepped on them
She lost her bearings and ran with more pace.
This ended with her getting a gold trophy and a medal of merit.
Grandma saved the day!

When I was six, grandma gave me a satin gown.
She wanted me to wear it with a hat.
That day the children asked me if I was a clown.
She did not know that they stopped wearing clothes like that.
Grandma saved the day!

When I was seven, grandma went to heaven.
Her last words to me were to be as best as I can be.
I am now eleven.
Granny, you made a positive impact on me.
Grandma saved the day!



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