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Wanting To Do What I Love

When I'm sitting in a class I don't get, all I want to do is go write or play football, but I'm not allowed to because I have to try to be okay at the things I'm bad at instead of being amazing at the stuff I'm already good at.

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Here I Sit


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018 with permission of the Author.

Here I sit
In a class I don't want to be.
May be pointless to admit.
What do they want me to see?

Here I play
On a field I call my own.
If they let me, I would stay,
But they wouldn't leave me alone.

Here I write
As I leave the world behind.
I finally begin to find my light,
But they wouldn't give me the time.

Here I lay
And wonder why I try
To fit their perfect mold of clay
As the morning draws nigh.

Here I sit
Again in a class I don't want to be,
In the mold I will not fit.
How can I get them to see?


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