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Poem About a Teen Pregnancy

My name is Elizabeth. I was made to be perfect and innocent because I was a daughter of a priest. I had to be innocent, but I thought sex was going to make me cool and bad because I was tired of being innocent, and yes, I guess it made me cool for a while until I got pregnant, and then I was a slut but they are doing the same thing I did.

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I'm writing to you as the mother of a son who we were fortunate to adopt because of a young girl of 15 in your situation. It was a match that had to be made in Heaven, I have no doubt! We...

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How Did I Let This Happen?


Published: October 2008

How did I let this happen?
What happened?
This can not be?
Not me?
How I may be 13, but I am not stupid I know how!
I didn't know what was happening.
It was like 2 seconds long!
Then I was late!
I couldn't even face my parents.
When I told them their barely 13 year old daughter
was going to have one of her own?
They couldn't face me.
They are disgusted.
They tried to send me away.
Now I am living with my sister.
How could can I go on with my life?
Slut they call
I know I'm nothing at all
How could the priest daughter be pregnant at age 13?
My sister says I should get an abortion because I am too little to have a baby!
She says that a 13 year old 5 foot 1 90 pound girl can not have a baby!
The options are clear to me I am going to give her up
or I keep her.
It's going to be tough, but I have to choose between a life I once knew
It's gone; it's so far away it's hazy
How did I ever think I would be cool if I did that stuff
it made me cool for like 3 months
And now I am being called a SLUT
How can they say that?
They are doing the same thing I did.
I am the only person who is going to pay
Pay and even an innocent little girl that could've gone to anyone
anyone else
someone else
please take her!
I love her, I can't keep her when she's out
she's going to someone who can give her a good life
Because that's how strong my love is for her
She will always be mine
But I know that I can't keep
if I could I would
but I need her to get a good life
that's all I can give her


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  • Adoptive Mother by Adoptive Mother
  • 4 years ago

I'm writing to you as the mother of a son who we were fortunate to adopt because of a young girl of 15 in your situation. It was a match that had to be made in Heaven, I have no doubt! We were "led" to her through my husband's cousin who attended a church, which had an organization associated with it that dealt with shelter homes/counseling for unwed mothers and occasionally, adoptions. Our resume was sent up to another state and within 3 months, we went to meet his birth-mom and her family and flew back with him at 1 day old! I kept her up-to-date with pictures/letters to let her know how he was doing. To this day, we remain close and she thanks me for doing this for her. It has come full-circle now and our son has met and has a special bond with his birth-mom and her family, with a half-sister and half-brother too! In fact, he and his 3 kids are in his sister's wedding coming soon! We will be there too! He loves them all! He is very well-adjusted and successful! Blessed!

  • Destiny by Destiny, Troy AL
  • 8 years ago

Hi sweetie I also had a baby young its ok don't worry about what people think, god already has everything planned keep your child show people your baby means something to you. I kept mine it was hard at first still is sometime but "YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR HEAD UP ".

  • Ursula Wachowiak by Ursula Wachowiak
  • 9 years ago

I cannot imagine your fear and pain, but I do hope that somebody gives your baby a good home and I do hope that you will learn a valuable lesson from this. Be strong, be stronger, and be the strongest you can ever be because you have experienced much pain and from pain grows understanding, compassion, and wisdom. Make the REST OF YOUR LIFE about that wisdom.

  • Kristy by Kristy, Gold Coast
  • 10 years ago

I had my first daughter at 17 and my whole family wanted me to have an abortion and kicked me out of home but then, when she was born, they all rejoiced and tried to help me every possible way they could think of. Surely a good Christian mother would help her daughter raise her grandchild

  • Towela Ndovie by Towela Ndovie, Eastlondon
  • 10 years ago

Even though I haven't been in the same situation like you, I am inspired by your courage and strength about how you are going through with this ordeal. I wish you and your child wherever he/she may be a happy fulfilled life and no matter what anybody says God will always love you.

  • Tessa by Tessa
  • 11 years ago

Elizabeth your story really touched me. I am the mother of five beautiful kids, and they are my world. I really wish you the best, I know you are young but with the help of your family, you can take care of this precious baby. may god bless you sweetheart and whether you keep the baby or adoption is your choice, know in your heart that you made the decision with all your love. the baby will love you always because you gave it life. I hope you can keep it. I know you will find the love in your heart. love Tessa.

  • Arynn by Arynn, US
  • 12 years ago

I'm 13 and I just had sex one week ago. my stomach is in knots and I'm late on my period. all the signs are there but I haven't taken I test yet. everyone is not surprised that there's the possibility I'm pregnant.

  • happyhardik by happyhardik
  • 13 years ago

Sorry, I don't have words to say!
But I pray to GOD, he gives you courage to fight and give your child a good life, with YOU.

  • Camille by Camille
  • 13 years ago

You are very strong. I wish you and your baby well. I am also 13/F. Good luck-God bless.

  • Elizabeth by Elizabeth
  • 13 years ago

Elizabeth, I understand where your coming from and I wish I could help you.

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