Alone Poem by Teens

Poem About Those Closest To Us Not Seeing Our Pain

Sometimes I feel as if the people who are closest to me fail to truly see the pain I suffer every day. It's hard for me to face each day knowing everything won't be okay.

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How Do You Fail To See?

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Published: February 2016

How is it I cry all night,
Yet you still believe everything is alright?
How can you not see my pain
When it is clearer than the rain?
How can you not see my world ending?
How can you not see my shattered heart that needs mending?
You won't be there to catch me when I fall.
It seems as if you don't care at all.
You can't understand this pain I feel.
It hurts so bad it's unreal.
I know you truly do love me.
What hurts is the pain that you fail to see.
How can you not see that when I'm writing poetry
There's pain everyone failed to see?
The pain I feel is very real,
But to you it's no big deal.
You just fail to see
What's really wrong with me.


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