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Advice from A Guy Poem

This is a rap I wrote about how hard life can be for guys. I give advice in the rap on how to deal with tough situations, and how to ask a girl out and be a good guy to a girl you love. I hope you enjoy the rap.

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How Hard Life Can Be Rap


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the author.

Well I'm here to tell you about how hard life can be,
It's a really challenging game as you can see,
There are bullies and obstacles along the way,
You even have to go to school every day,
Life is hard because boys play it rough,
Those little jerks think they're really tough,
But they're really weak and really crazy,
I feel like crying because they all think I'm lazy,
But I'm the smartest student in the whole wide nation,
Meeting the girl of my dreams is a sensation,
Life is hard for me because girls play it hard,
It's almost like playing a deck of cards,
You don't know if you'll win or lose,
I guess for the pretty girls I'll have to choose,
Life is hard because it's hard to catch a date,
Before you know it it's already too late,
I really hope some day I catch a girl at the movies,
And maybe eat together and have some smoothies,
Life is hard because you don't know who you'll meet,
It's like a surprise because it's only sometimes a treat,
You don't know if your girl will be smoking,
When a girl rejects my offer you know I'd be choking,
Life is hard because you need to get a job,
You need a hot girl, a big house, and corn on the cob,
If you don't get rich then you'll be poor and die,
Your girlfriend after that will just cry,
As a kid you always have to go to school,
If you don't catch a date then you aren't cool,
Be warned that being nice is the key to success,
Treat people how they want and you'll get to see a hot dress,
Staying calm and friendly is the main rule,
Asking a girl out nicely is a neat tool,
Being yourself is your number one goal,
If you don't act good you'll get a lump of coal,
Always hug and kiss the girl that you like,
Just make sure to buy her a big pink bike,
So be nice and happy and you'll have a great time,
Have a happy life I'm done with the rhyme.


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