Death Of Partner Poem

Poem On Grief And The Passage Of Time

I lost my boyfriend to a brief battle with cancer. While I was left utterly devastated following his passing, I have gained strength to live for not just myself but for him also. We were soul mates and best friends, and I miss him every day. This poem was written in an attempt to heal my heart.

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How Is Time Passing?


Published by Family Friend Poems April 19, 2023 with permission of the Author.

How is time passing
When all I am doing is wishing
That you were by my side?

How is time passing
When I am floating
Through the empty skies?

How is time passing
When I am not living,
But rather existing to survive?

I want it to stop.
I want people to stop.
I want time to stop.

Time continues,
But WE continue,
Not I,
Not me,
Rather we.

I will live with you
And for you
And enjoy life before you and your watchful eyes.

Maybe I'm lucky,
Maybe you're free,
And now I have a guardian angel looking after me.


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