Death Of Lover Poem

Overdose On Ecstasy Poem

I wrote this poem for the love of my life who over dosed on ecstasy, and I would do anything to just have him back in my arms again.

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Broken Hearts


Published: April 2008

You left this world
Leaving my broken heart to mend
I try to get over you
But your soul is flying in the wind
So it's going to be like this
'Til the end.

So I think about you every day
You're what made up my life
I honestly thought I'd make a great wife
It just can't be this way
I feel like you stabbed me in the heart
With a newly sharpened knife.

When I think of your smile
I get a lovely smile on my face
I talk to you for a while
And my heart begins to race
People can't calm me down
And my mind slowly goes erase.

I love you
And I always will
You'll always be on my mind
And now it's cold as steal
So sorry baby
Why does this have to be real?

It's already over
So why bother to try
You make me so sad
All I want to do is cry
I will never forget you
But all I can say is bye.



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