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Mom Please Come Back Into My Life Poem

A girl expresses anguish that her mom is no longer in her life, and tells her mom, I still love you and want you back.

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Wow, beautiful poem. I love it. One of my favorites on this website.

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I Don't Want Any Other


Published: February 2006

Our life has not been easy,
We've managed to drift apart

But whatever it's worth
Know you're always in my heart

Not a day goes by
When I don't wish we'd talk

To say hello or goodbye
Or maybe go for a walk

You're missing important days
I'm not a girl anymore

It's a difficult maze
Everytime my heart's torn

There are times I need you
To be there for me

That nurturing statue
If only you could be

It's not you I blame
For the way we are

But all the hurtful shame
Left an invisible scar

Sometimes I feel trapped
I don't know what to do

Does God have our life mapped
Help me sail across the blue!

Why can't we mend this
We both love each other

I'm not sure about sis
But I miss my mother

I hope you understand
Why it's so hard to call

I have the phone in my hand
But it seems to always fall

For now I'll hope and pray
For you to come around

That would be the day
When the new us is found

I still Love You
And still want you to be my mother

Regardless of what we've been through
I don't want any other



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  • by Brittany Rivera
  • 6 months ago

Wow, beautiful poem. I love it. One of my favorites on this website.

  • by cierra
  • 8 years ago

this poem reminds me of how I felt about this one boy I was in relationship with but it didn't quite work out

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