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"Some of my best works are those I cannot share with anyone." - me

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I'm Okay (Not Really)

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Published: June 2014

I'm not okay,
not really.
I'm starving, the urges are back.
They are things here still gnawing,
still clawing at my past.
But inside I'm really hoping that together do they last.

Not going to say it's easy,
To smile, to lie.
But it's worth it if they don't see me cry.

So no, I'm not okay,
I hide more and more each day,
I'm not happy with who I see.
And I guess you could say I kind of hate me.

But sometimes that's alright
To put others in the lime light.
Sometimes you got to step back,
Even when you start to crack.

If anyone asks, I'm okay.
But I'm really hoping
That this feeling isn't here to stay.



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