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I've been going through a really hard time at the moment - my dad who abused me when I was younger has just come back into my life and I've had really bad boy and friendship troubles, too, and I had just realized what a bad state I was in when I wrote this. It really means a lot to me, so I hope it's all right for everyone else.

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I stumble trying to speak. My mind talks to me. I'm alive but not present in my life. I try to say, "I'm fine," but I'm never truly fine. I like to be alone so I can bare my thoughts, but...

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I'm Depressed


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011 with permission of the Author.

People say chin up,
But I just feel like giving up.
People say smile and it will all go away,
But I feel like crying each day.

Everything takes effort to do.
This constant pain is so hard to live through.
Lie in bed and see the day dawning,
Hate myself for waking up that morning.

I know I need help, and I know I need support.
Don't wanna spend my life feeling this way; it's just too short,
But I just can't seem to speak out,
Say what this feeling is all about.

Even if I did tell someone, what could they do?
I don't think they could fix this, do you?
I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way.
I want to smile and laugh for real and be happy each and every day.

There's sometimes in the day when I forget about it all,
When I smile and laugh, but then I remember it's like a ten thousand foot fall.
Do you know what it's like for your eyes to constantly sting?
Do you know what it's like to be happy and at the same time feel nothing?

I don't think I could end it without living the rest of my life.
See, my mind and body shudder when I think of picking up a knife,
But I really don't feel like I can carry on this way,
Feeling so low and empty each and every day.

It's so hard for me to admit to myself exactly what's wrong,
Hard for me to show myself that I'm not that strong.
This idea of happiness, you may say I'm a little obsessed.
But I think right now I finally see...I'm depressed.


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  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 2 years ago

I stumble trying to speak. My mind talks to me. I'm alive but not present in my life. I try to say, "I'm fine," but I'm never truly fine. I like to be alone so I can bare my thoughts, but sometimes I wish to be free from this mental disease. I try so hard, but it is never enough. My support system failed me, and I learned to never trust. I just wanna die because I'm tired of a painful life. My parents don't understand, and I just wanna be seen. I'm tired of being depressed because I'd rather be at my best. My mind is playing tricks, telling me I'm not enough. And there are days where I choose to listen and fall into my dark hole. But I need to be present for the little things I have left. Oh, depression, please let me live because I haven't had a break from you.

  • Hailey Waite by Hailey Waite
  • 3 years ago

I've been depressed for as long as I can remember, but only my closest friends know; my family doesn't.

  • Torie by Torie
  • 3 years ago

You'll still have some bad days, weeks maybe, and in the worse case you'll have a few bad months. But you have to understand that happiness comes in waves and there has never been an ocean entirely frozen. You're making progress, and I'm extremely proud of you for your strength and perseverance. It might get worse, but I believe that eventually it will get better- it always does. Your growth is not defined by your bad days. You are light and because of your darkness, you know how to shine even brighter. Take all the time you need to strive from the place you are in now. Everything is temporary and even the darkest times will pass. You'll be fine, remember that. <3

  • Dave by Dave
  • 3 years ago

I am currently going through hell. My head holds too much. My step-dad keeps abusing me now and then, and this is too much for me. I’m also being judged too much by him, and it really sucks.

  • Tiffany Parker by Tiffany Parker
  • 4 years ago

My life is a living hell! People keep telling me it will get better, but when? I am so tired of trying. I just wanna be happy again. When am I gonna get a break? I need a break. People say they care and they are there for me, but I don't see it. I'm so tired. I feel like I am the worst momma my children could ever have. I am horrible. I can't do anything right.

  • Ashley by Ashley
  • 3 years ago

Hey, I saw your message, and it's going to be okay. It's been a year since you said this. Hopefully everything is okay now. I'm 15, and I understand your problems. I feel like I'm such a terrible daughter, but you know what, keep your head up. :) Your children love you. They have the best mom they could ask for. You gave them life. They love you. The pain you're going through right now is temporary, so don't worry. Everything will be fine.

  • Jocalyne by Jocalyne
  • 4 years ago

People say smile and it'll all go away, chin up but really I'm giving up wake up before the sun comes up asking why, in my mind thoughts fly around, twirling my feels making me want to run, but somethings gonna happen today so they make me stay Even tho I hate this shame I can't end it feel the rush as the my skin gives up that may be enough yet I crave the fame that my pain brings, kinda hard for me to admit that I'm not strong maybe I'm just obsessed with this idea of happiness just Makes me even more depressed so here I lay about to take away my pain but then let me regain my shame because it's actually keeping me sane

  • Mb Ks by Mb Ks
  • 9 years ago

Just wanted to say, that depression is a part of life and to not let it define you. Just like any part of life, or you, it is not all that there is to you. It is just a part of you that is okay to experience and express. Everyone is going to be depressed and everyone is going to be depressed and happy and mad and sad and joyful and empty and full. All that we feel does not define who we are, it is only what we feel at a particular point. Feelings are fleeting. Purpose is lasting. Find what your purpose is and chase it with all you have.

  • Leslie by Leslie, NC
  • 9 years ago

I just wanted to say I understand how you feel with the idea of suicide. Its there but it's not something that you'd do because it seems too drastic and too scary. I don't know if you feel the same way but I do.

  • German Galvez by German Galvez, Lamont CA
  • 9 years ago

I'm not going to say that I know what you're going through because I'm not since we all have different troubles. I love your poem but I hate the reason why you actually wrote it but I guess that's how poems are made through experiences. Hope your life has a little shine or something as close to a happy ending, my life isn't going well either but with depression that's hard to cure.

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