Miscarriage Poem

Difficulty After A Miscarriage

This past fall I had a miscarriage. While I try every day to find reason or to justify it being for the best, I can't seem to find closure. I've set my life in a tail spin trying to get pregnant again, thinking that will fill the hole I can't seem to fill otherwise. After you have a miscarriage, you find out it's super common, but no one wants to talk about it. They might ask how you are, but no one wants the real answer. So I put some of those feelings into this poem.

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I'm Waiting For You


Published: May 2019

At one time, I thought you were near,
A feeling so abundantly strong and clear.
Inside me you grew and grew,
I was impatient waiting for you.

With my hand on my stomach, I'd feel our connection.
Every moment of my day, you had my attention.
In me was a pride I never knew.
My love had no bounds, waiting for you.

You stole my heart before we even met,
Though you were my reason to fret.
You were my dream I never thought would come true,
You were my every smile while I was waited for you.

I couldn't wait to hear your heartbeat,
My little almond, you were so sweet.
But when the time came, it was a reality I couldn't chew.
They told me I was no longer waiting for you.

I said goodbye the best I could.
You were gone from me, for good.
My body felt empty, my heart felt blue.
I only wanted to keep waiting for you.

I want to move on with my life,
To say it's okay to just be a wife.
But a mother I want to be, too.
That is why I'll keep waiting for you.

I love you, my baby,
And I know our future isn't just a maybe.
So you need to know the thing most true,
That forever I'm waiting for you.


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