Poem about Teen Life

Poem About Getting Through A Dark Time

This poem was written during a dark time I went through. I came out the other side with something so valuable, words cannot describe. I found God in my struggles.

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015 with permission of the author.

Feeling lonely,
Sleepless nights,
Being scared,
Repeating fights.

Crying tears,
Fake pain,
Guilty conscience,
Just a game.

Keeping secrets,
Telling lies,
Being caught,
Life dies.

In denial,
Completely lost,
A bad addiction,
Harmful cost.

Forever scarred,
Trust betrayed,
Emotions hurt,
Never to fade.

Speaking out,
Admitting what's real,
Being honest,
The truth to spill.

Tired of hiding,
Shaking fear,
Uncertain future,
Help is near.

Ashamed and frightened,
Never again,
Revisiting past,
Haunting friend.

A final promise,
I want to keep,
Unwanted desire,
Habits to beat.

Held responsible,
Lost career,
Worthless risk,
A greater fear.

Left betrayed,
Feeling crushed,
Right decision,
Quickly rushed.

A different path,
Bright light,
New beginning,
Grabbing tight.

A way to turn,
Things to see,
A place to go,
God found me.


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