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My name Is Tamara. I'm twelve and in 6th grade, and I want to be a famous poet/Author when I grow up. Wish me luck!

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I think you will be a famous poet! This poem was amazing.

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Isolated And Forgotten


Published: July 2009

If anyone will listen,
to what I'm about to say,
please understand the hurt I feel,
And how I got this way.

Left behind in darkness,
wedged between walls of ice,
I pray that someone hears me,
friend, foe, or even Jesus Christ.

Isolated in my fears,
caught between truth and the lies.
Will someone hear me screaming,
Or hear my desperate, pleading cries?

I don't believe in loving,
or having a caring friend,
because the second that you trust them,
is the second that they bend.

So In this hallow heart of mine,
Is a ivy of envy that's staring to twine,
and sprout the weeds of guilt,
That slowly began to quilt,

Over my hatred that began to grow,
Over my soul's ocean to ever flow,
Which to that I began to fall,
and to which I lost it all.

I'm sorry for the people I've hurt,
With this death I have presented,
But seeing what this could've been,
There's nothing that could've been prevented.


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  • Alyena R. Robinson by Alyena R. Robinson
  • 8 months ago

I think you will be a famous poet! This poem was amazing.

  • Klh Wichita Ks. by Klh Wichita Ks.
  • 6 years ago

That is a wonderful poem! That is exactly the way I feel. I have done a really bad thing and I have been abandoned by my family. I have nothing left to live for. My son has told me I am no longer a father to him. I have not seen him in 4.5 years. I can't live with what I have done. And I can't live without my family. I am haunted daily with the guilt and rejection. I am only stating reasons for my end. I don't expect anyone to care. I have been told that it will hurt my kids, but I no longer believe it. I have sent texts letting them know what I am feeling. But I got no response. I am 54 and have no reason to go on. If I don't end it I will live in pain the rest of my life. I can't go through life like this. Thank you for the poem!

  • Jay by Jay, US
  • 6 years ago

Tamara. Wow. This is the best poem I've ever read. With material such as this you can definitely become a famous, influential poet. I'll say that I would definitely buy any poetry you put out! Best of luck to you.

  • America by America
  • 7 years ago

Hi Tamara! Beautiful name, by the way. I'm Adelita, and becoming an author/poet is my dream, too. This is a beautiful poem, and I wish you the best of luck in pursuing your dream. I know you'll get there some day. :)

~Adelita xoxo

  • Whitni Brandle by Whitni Brandle
  • 9 years ago

Hi Tamara, I think you're around my age. I think this is a great poem and you should keep writing. In 6th grade my dream was to become a famous poet and now, going into Freshman year, it still is. Keep on dreaming, it gives people hope!

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