STOP Suicide Poem

Regret About Not Stopping Friend From Committing Suicide

On August 26, I lost a close friend, and I wrote this poem to let out some of the emotions.

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My brother died on the 20th of August 2017. He hung himself. He had attempted to kill himself 2 times before that. This was the 3rd attempt. I miss him so much and wish I had responded to the...

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Zach's Poem


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015 with permission of the Author.

I wish that I could talk to you,
and beg you not to go.
I wish I asked what you were going through,
but now I'll never know.

I wish that I had some warning
of what you'd do that night,
and that you'd given me a chance to save you,
to help you make things right.

I wish that you could've soldiered on,
and worked through the pain.
If you had, I promise you,
you would've been happy one day.

I wish that the last time I saw you
I didn't rush away.
I wish that I had hugged you harder,
and told you I loved you that day.

I wish that I could bring you back
to see you one last time,
to hug you close, to hear your voice,
and then the world would be fine.

But all these things can't ever happen,
the nightmares are all about you.
There's not one thing I can change,
because these wishes will never come true.


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  • Apostolico, Dante by Apostolico, Dante
  • 6 years ago

One of my best friends, Emily, committed suicide recently. I'm heartbroken. I feel guilty, as if I did something wrong. She had a boyfriend, Jay. She had a close friend who was willing to talk to her if she felt down. She always helped me, and I want to repay the debt, but now I never can. We're close to the holiday break as well. Our families usually have a combined Christmas, but with her absence... I don't know what will happen.

  • Ntoba by Ntoba
  • 6 years ago

My brother died on the 20th of August 2017. He hung himself. He had attempted to kill himself 2 times before that. This was the 3rd attempt. I miss him so much and wish I had responded to the message he sent me that fateful morning. We had such a close bond, and he has left such a big void in my life. Sometimes I get angry at him for this, but then I remind myself that this was not about me but a pain only he felt and found unbearable. I love him so much and miss him. He was kind, fun loving and loved my kids so much...and they loved him too. I hope he has found the peace he could not find in this life.

  • Martha Marie Woods by Martha Marie Woods
  • 6 years ago

I know how you feel. I lost my best friend on June 5, 2017. He was more than my best friend. We had a very special bond that no one could ever imagine. He was an amazing person in my life. I knew him since kindergarten. We knew each other all our lives. He overdosed on pills and I guess it was something else involved. His name was James Thomas Solomon. He was only 44. His birthday was May 25. He died June 5, 2017, two weeks after his 44th birthday. I cry almost every day and wish he was here with me, but I know that one day we will be together again in heaven. So please, this is for everyone...think about it twice before you overdose or commit suicide. Life is too short.

  • Robbie Robinson by Robbie Robinson
  • 8 years ago

I lost my son 4 years ago today. I would add another verse to this poem:

But I wish that I had one last wish,
and hope it makes it through.
To see you in our next life,
and always be with you.

  • Maranda Farley by Maranda Farley
  • 4 years ago

How old was your son? I know how you feel. I lost someone too.

  • Emily by Emily, Illinois US
  • 9 years ago

Beautiful poem, very well worded. I'm sorry you had to go through such pain, I've lost a close friend as well. It has been five years now, and it still feels so unreal. Going through pain is just another experiment to help us understand life and its unexpected plans. But, sadly I still don't understand the loss of such a good friend.

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