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Dad Doesn't Love Me

This poem was one I wrote after my dad told me he didn't love me. If you ever feel like this, then get help before it's too late.

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Drip drop. Let your tears fall non-stop. Cry your eyes out because he broke your heart. Let those memories fade away and turn into dust because there was no loyalty, trust, or love. Let the...

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That Girl


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

Forever feeling her life is dying,
But the doctors keep on lying.
"Your daughter will be fine,
Just give her some time."

But she wasn't okay
Because your baby girl took her life today.
She couldn't keep running
And she wouldn't stand living.

Her silent pleas for love
Left her heart on black doves.
"I'm in pain."
Her innocence cut, her pride slain.

Her cries fell on deaf ears,
So no one realized her fears.
No one saw her fatal change
Until her heart was out of range.

She wrote out letters,
Saying her life would be better.
She laid the pistol on her heart
And blew her body apart.

Her parents cry themselves to sleep
And all her friends weep.
They loved that girl well
And left her alone in hell.

Maybe her soul can be free
And everyone will see
The lost life of one teen
And the love there could have been.


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  • Addie Brown by Addie Brown
  • 3 years ago

We have a messy house, and my dad said he wouldn't spend time with me and won't like me until our house will be clean. But I'm always taking care of the baby and my sister who is four, and I don't know what to do. I'm sad and just I don't know what to do.

  • Alyena R. Robinson by Alyena R. Robinson
  • 4 years ago

I am so sorry you had to go through that. Thank you for sharing a beautiful poem. I often think thoughts like that. I've tried to die, but I just...can't. It's like living in a mind that tries to die with a body that fights to survive.

  • Theresa Maria Sosa by Theresa Maria Sosa
  • 7 years ago

My dad and mom tell me they don't love me all the time. I want to run away for help, but nobody is there for me, not even my younger siblings.

  • Ryan Streifel by Ryan Streifel
  • 5 years ago

Same. My parents are divorced, and my dad treats me terrible because I'm trans and not this perfect image of the daughter he wanted. My mom is always spending time at other places, and she has never been there as a parent to my siblings and me.

  • Phatima Xahra by Phatima Xahra
  • 6 years ago

OMG, same. My parents are divorced and I don't know what's wrong with my dad. He buys me the most expensive stuff but treats me like crap.

  • Rickia by Rickia
  • 7 years ago

Drip drop. Let your tears fall non-stop. Cry your eyes out because he broke your heart. Let those memories fade away and turn into dust because there was no loyalty, trust, or love. Let the feeling you once had vanish like the night because in the moment it feels so right. Let your tears form a stream of pain even though it was really in vain. Let your heart choose the path. Let your mind guide so you won't be so broken inside. You still hope that never died. Drip drop. Wipe your eyes because your soul still remains alive.

  • Suicidal Bitch by Suicidal Bitch, Jersey City, NJ
  • 7 years ago

This poem really touched my soul because I've gone through the same thing, and it sucks badly when you feel like you have no one. When you are feeling suicidal and do not want to live anymore, when you do everything in your power to hurt yourself, or make yourself suffer as if you deserve it. I know people with this type of problem in their lives, I in fact are one of them. I'm new to this, I don't share my whole life, to anyone, let alone the whole world on a website where anyone can read it but I see it as a great opportunity for me or anyone on this planet to let out their feelings, and be able to without any judgment. Sometimes that is what drives people to suicide, other's judgments and ways of being. I feel you did a great job with this poem, I loved it. I love poem's in general of all kinds...I have some terrible experiences that relate greatly to this type of poem, that is why I really loved it.

  • Klippies by Klippies, South Africa
  • 10 years ago

Wow, Amber you did good. This poem is absolutely beautiful, filled with depth and experience that I myself cannot even fathom. I hope that you are still alive and well, and I hope you never followed through on any of those dark thoughts. Life is so precious, and beautiful and worth living. Life is a roller coaster, ups and downs, good and bad. This poem made me want to cry. I am 46 years old and have two daughters. Love them both to bits and I tell them so every chance I get. Even so, we too have times in our lives we are alone, feel lost and question the path we are upon. Choose to be your own self, surround yourself with good people, good friends, use the pain in your life to cultivate growth from within, make yourself stronger and pay forward the love you wished you had. I pity your dad, he is a fool. Yet love is blind, we can't always choose who we love. We just do. Do so unconditionally and reap the reward of self-growth. Enough said. Just once more, I loved the poem.

  • Tammy by Tammy, South Africa
  • 10 years ago

I burst into tears when I read this, my real father neglected me at just 18 months, he didn't want kids, so he left my mother to find himself. It's been 7 years since I last saw him and still he is finding himself. I looked at other kids wondering what it would feel like to have a father, I didn't get that so it broke me down. I started self harm & more days than others I feel I'm on the edge, it took my parents 5 years to realize what I was doing, when I was 14.. my step dad realized my cuts.. and only when him and mom got divorced in 2010 did I feel I have someone to feel my pain, but not anymore because he is so busy with working overseas. I see him once a year, I don't want to share the pain I still suffer so I try to make the best of the few days we have.. no one knows what's been going on with me.. and I hope I'll soon find help. For a child to not have a father growing up, tears out a piece of your heart.. stay strong.. I'm sure life will get better.. eventually :')

  • Breanna by Breanna, Broken Bow
  • 10 years ago

I loved this it touched me. I had tried to commit suicide several times and this really touched my heart. And Kira I'm sorry for what happened to you and your sister. I hope your father receives punishment for this horrible thing he did. And you didn't waste my time.

  • Kira Nixa by Kira Nixa
  • 10 years ago

umm hi my name is Kira I am 12. I have wanted to die ever since I was 9 my father the one that is the one who keeps you safe, killed my childhood innocence and my will to live by abusing me and my older sister. He used to leave us close to death all the time but at age 9 I just lost my will to live because he raped my sister in front of me and said if I wasn't born then it wouldn't have happened. Any of the things he has and will do is my fault so I just can go and die. Now we are far from him but the things and memories still haunt me I attempted suicide more than once and I may or may not self harm... but you probably don't really care or know me so sorry for wasting your time.

  • Eileen Beyer by Eileen Beyer
  • 8 years ago

Your letter broke my heart Kira. I am sorry you have had so much pain in your short life. You could report the rape of your sister to the police. Your father belongs where he cannot harm anyone ever again. Yes. Your father is the one who is supposed to keep you safe but we, sadly, sometimes don't have a father or even a mother who provides us warmth and safety. We all have coping mechanisms and for some people it involves cutting. There are other ways of coping and if you want another way search the internet [which I use for almost everything :-)] or call or visit a qualified counselor. Love yourself Kira by doing loving things for yourself. Sometimes that's all we can do. By the way, you have a unique and such a beautiful name. :-) Love, peace, and happiness sent to you. xoxoxox

  • Ana by Ana, South Beach
  • 11 years ago

I love this poem. I'm 22, I just found out my dad got out of the hospital, and when I called him the only thing he told me was don't call me I don't need your pity, I hate you, you bad daughter. He lives with his 2 daughters from another marriage somewhere else. Ever since I was 11 I tried to commit suicide but eventually time passes by and you quit... however tonight doesn't change my mind much. I love this poem.

  • Rebekah by Rebekah
  • 11 years ago

While I'm only 13, I have gone through some hard time in my life time. Maybe not as much as some other people, but enough to make me depressed from time to time. I wouldn't say my parents are abusive, except verbally. My mom, sister, and I are always screaming at each other about unnecessary little things. To make it even worse, my bestfriend was turned out of my life, when her mom cheated on my uncle and moved her far away. It has become so bad, I have started cutting myself, and have even thought about suicide. When people look at me, they see happy, hyper, loves life Bekah. But, if only they knew, I wonder if they would look at me a different way. "That's the freak that cuts herself." I can already see it now. The whispers, backstabbers, and altogether mean girls. I don't want to end my life. But, the thought won't go out of my head.

  • Student Sinchu 2 by Student Sinchu 2
  • 4 years ago

Me too! I'm twelve. My mom and dad bully me verbally. I'm really tempted to cut myself. The only place I fell safe is school, and even then I'm bullied. All I have are my friends. Thankfully, they love me.

  • England by England
  • 11 years ago

This poem is amazing it's nice to know others are having problems it helps a lot to know you're not as alone as you think. Though it's painful everyday knowing I'm alive when at times I just want to disappear. I feel resentment towards my mother at times for giving birth to me when I really don't want to be here.

  • Lindy by Lindy, CO
  • 12 years ago

I wanted to cry when I read this, I'm only 13 and I have never felt true appreciation or love from my dad. Yesterday, I got accepted into a great high school. When he got home from work, I rushed to him to show him and he didn't even care. He didn't even say congratulations or good job. My dad's always saying that I'm stupid and it really hurts. But I also want to say that this is an amazing poem.:)

  • Devon Robinson by Devon Robinson
  • 13 years ago

Hi, I'm 12. My parents divorced when I was 7. Everyone at school, when I came to Washington, said I was just a fat b*tch. I was already traumatized by having to go back and forth to my parents every 2 weeks. Today, I realized that my dad never always...showed...his appreciation when it came to my accomplishments. I have been crying since 3 pm. Its now 5 pm. I immediately started crying when I read this poem.

  • Rebecca by Rebecca, England
  • 13 years ago

hi my name is Rebecca I'm 15
about last year my mum tried committing suicide and my uncle picked me up from school to tell me what was happening and I had to stay with them by this point I had already been trying to commit suicide for years and find a way out I still can't forgive my mum for what she done I don't think I ever will she never stuck up for me when comments where made about me being a women of the town and told I was gonna fail I was told to ignore it and this year I tried again and nearly succeeded in dying but I was in pain because I started bleeding and well I wanted it to go so I have to deal with life before they make me go anywhere

  • 7 years ago

Fight with all you heart. Don't let anyone discourage you. You are precious and think positive, always.

  • Leslie by Leslie, TN
  • 13 years ago

I'm much older, but I feel the same pain still this day! My mother supposedly committed suicide when I was 23 so I don't know if I can do this to my children...I'm loved but lost and miserable also.

  • Kimmie by Kimmie, AR
  • 14 years ago

My friend, was a happy person to most people. She was beautiful, popular, middle class, and had all the guys at her feet. But, to those who really knew her, Sarah was a very depressed and lonely person. For a girl of only twelve years, Sarah had been through a lot. Sarah had a relationship with a nineteen year old boy. Now, I know what you are thinking, "Where was her mother?" Don't blame her mother for this. Sarah told her that the boy was fifteen, which is why she was allowed to see him. He turned cruel to Sarah and sent her awful messages On Myspace telling her that she would be easily forgotten, and she was a stupid, naive little girl. The next morning, Sarah logged onto her Myspace for the last time. Afterwards, she tied a scarf around her neck and jumped out her window.

  • Annie M. by Annie M.
  • 15 years ago

it really reached me
your really good at it
keep going because at some point your life will seem worth it, even if it doesn't seem so now x

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