Poem about Teen Life

I just wrote this poem because I woke up one day and just said, "Back to the old routine." I just wanted to try something new and get all these old thoughts off my mind. So that's why I wrote this poem.

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It Gets Old


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2012

I wake up this mornin',
Mom's yellin' at me.
God what do I do,
That makes her so unhappy.

I put on my clothes,
Get ready for school.
Listen to the teachers
Say "Follow The Rules."

I mean..It gets old,
On how it's always this and that.
Just leave me alone,
What you're saying's gettin' wack.

One day this girl asked me,
Why you actin' so funny?
I said "Because,"
People here are jokes to me.

People always say "Follow your dreams!!"
Even though they don't care.
And what if it's not a dream?
What if it's a nightmare?

To me it's whatever,
I'll do what I was told.
But to be honest,
It's just getting old.


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