Poem about Teen Life

A burning candle melts away with every second and will eventually cease to be. Our lives are burning candles which we need to understand and treasure.

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The Reality Of Life

© more by Faaizah

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011 with permission of the Author.

a candle light burning inside of me
shadows bowing upon the walls illuminating us all
the laughter the pain
what do I gain?
the knowledge I seek
this era of mystique

the pink hues
the pretty blues
the devil's red
I will not be misled
the angel's white
will set me aright

knowing every second is a certainty
to I will cease to shine 
and darkness will befall
in a form different from all
makes me ponder
how do I live to the fullest?
how do I be the bravest?
understanding is the key!
living with no regrets is the door! 

open your mind
Look! Don't merely see
the ocean is not just water
a candle is not mere light
it's not limitless
it's not endless
for light is life and
life is certain to meet death
on this sacred journey called


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