Son Death Poem

My Son Committed Suicide From Depression

Jonathan suffered from depression, but we never knew how bad. He was only 40 and worked with me in our family business for 17 years. One day he was late for work - he was never late for work. We tried calling his mobile and sent text messages, but all with no reply. We went around to his house and his car was outside. I banged on the door and his little dog was running round inside, but still no answer. We managed to get in and went upstairs, but he was already dead with a cable around his neck.

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Jonathan's Krakatoa


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2018 with permission of the Author.

I was a lonely island with rough seas all about,
No airstrip to let people in and no harbor from which to get out.
Storms pounded my shores and crops failed on my land.
A broken boat with no oars, no escape could be planned.
Years pass like hours and hours pass like seconds.
No birds and no flowers; what is it that beckons?
I rumble and shudder, then explode till it deafens.
Every part is thrust upwards 'til it reaches the heavens.
No more jagged rocks, no more frozen peaks.
No more icy streams, no more stagnant creeks.
The sea rushes in, and I'm washed from the maps.
I don't leave a trace, nor leave any tracks.
Now I am everywhere, wherever you look,
Like notes in a song and words in a book.
I am blown in the wind, and I sparkle in sunlight.
I drift on the sea, and I twinkle in moonlight.
I'm in every corner and on every shore.
I'm in time and space and right at your door.
I was a lonely island but not anymore.


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