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My son, Steven, recently died in a motorcycle accident. We had just returned from Germany, full of old trees and castles. What a time we had! I was a firefighter for 30 years and have seen many bad things. But seeing my own son dead put me into fireman mode again. It was difficult to find a pathway to grieving. Always being strong, burying one's feelings, has its downside. Even the strongest tree can break under the worst storm. I've found poetry as one path to feel and share my deepest loss.

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We lost our son Steven in July 2011 to cancer. He was happy with no signs of an illness until an accident led us to the ER - from there we found the tumor. Then the diagnosis, Neuroblastoma,...

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Leaving Tears


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013 with permission of the Author.

The mourning, misty oak leaves weep.
Warm dew drops falling from them sweep
Across cold stones in salty streams,
Spent tears for Steven's broken dreams.

Wolves howl under a death pale moon.
Dark sirens from the forest gloom.
Black winds carry the raven's cry.
Steve's severed spirit crossed the sky.

Strong oak forest groans and grieves
For red drops dripping on its leaves
From a son who lies beneath the sod
In peaceful rest from loving God.

The mourning oak tree sheds its tears,
For laughter it no longer hears.
Clear drops hang from limbs in sorrow
And drowns all dreams of hope tomorrow.

Each night a father hangs his head
Against the dark; he cries, eyes red
While Steven dreams in still-heart sleep.
The oaks, they haunt yet nightly weep.


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  • Denise by Denise
  • 7 years ago

We lost our son Steven in July 2011 to cancer. He was happy with no signs of an illness until an accident led us to the ER - from there we found the tumor. Then the diagnosis, Neuroblastoma, a pediatric form of cancer. Our son was 20 years old, a young man just starting out in life.

He fought valiantly for almost three years, until there were no more treatments. In the beginning, Steven said, "No tears, Mom, we fight." At the end, while on hospice, watching him suffer ... I had to hold back the tears still and tell Steven to stop fighting and to go be with Jesus in peace. Steven's last words to me, "No more fight." It's been five years, and I can still clearly see him taking his last breath. Although we miss him dearly, he has no more pain and is safe in heaven. We love you, Steven! Love, Mom, Dad and Patrick

  • Robert Lee by Robert Lee
  • 6 years ago

Jordan died last week. I can't breathe. I can't eat. I sob when I wake when the night's merciful amnesia wears off. I want to be with him.

  • Kathy by Kathy
  • 7 years ago

I lost my son in May 2011. He was a very kind and sweet boy. He used to sing karaoke and dedicate songs to me while singing. I remember a song he did where he said this is to my sweet mom. He had diabetes. He got it later in life. Sad thing he wouldn't take care of himself he would only take the medicine when he felt like it, I miss him so much. He was in the hospital so many times with high blood sugar he just would not take care of himself. Then one night when I came home from work I found him dead, he was 31. It's been 5 years. I was reading the poems tonight and they were a comfort to me. I lost him 5 years ago May 17. It's still hard for me but I go on. I know I will see him one day in heaven. It's hard to get through the month of May. I always cry missing him but I pray for God to help get through.

  • Miguel Martinez by Miguel Martinez
  • 9 years ago

Thanks for sharing your nice poem. We just lost our son Miguel Roberto last September 21st. It was a sudden death; and that blow has changed completely our lives. There is no logic to understand (only God), why a healthy, athletic, chemical engineering student, with command of three languages, Spanish, German and English; and above all a charismatic and loving person, has to go so early.
Even though, our pain, we remember him with joy.
God bless you.
Regards from, Maggie, Miguel an Antonio (brother) from Bogota, Colombia.

  • Elaine Elliott by Elaine Elliott
  • 9 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing. I asked the same questions. Why did my athletic high school junior have to die.
He was always healthy, and so physically strong. I buried him August 22,2014. Feb 1 2014 he casually reported a lump in his thigh. He did not have any symptoms of being ill. Still in the Gym and strong. First they claimed infection and started him on a bunch of antibiotics. Every test was negative for infection, and biopsy neg for cancer. He started reacting to the antibiotic, and later developed HLH. Second biopsy show lymphoma alk neg. I believe he was misdiagnosed and died from the effort made by doctors to save him. He walked into the hospital strong and healthy. They wanted him to come in for antibiotics. Within a matter of a few months he was dead.
I watched him suffer. The night before he passed they opened his belly on his icu bed. Within few hours of chemotherapy he moved from breathing on room air to having lungs that a ventilator could not put air in even with PEEP of 16.
Thanks for letting me know I am not alone. God be with you.

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