Wedding Poem

A friend congratulates a friend on her wedding day, and thanks her for the memories of their friendship since they were young children.

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Just Yesterday


Published: July 2007

I can't believe this day is finally here,
Just yesterday we were building tents in your room,
When did the time disappear?
It seems like just yesterday.

Remember when you used to tickle me until I would say that you were the best?
Every time it would take me a little longer to give in,
But I'm sure you could have guessed,
It seems like just yesterday.

Now looking back on the days when I used to do your hair,
You'd have ten frizzy pigtails in all different color ties,
And would go outside without a care,
Doesn't it seem like just yesterday?

But here you stand before me,
So different but still the same,
And I'm sure that there isn't one person who would disagree,
On how beautiful you look today.

So congratulations on your wedding and picking a great guy,
Be sure to love him with all your heart,
As he will in reply.

Thank you for all the memories that I hold so dear in my heart,
And as time goes by new ones will form,
But the old will shall never depart.



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