Wedding Poem

Thoughts of the bride as she walks down the aisle

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Wedding Thoughts


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the author.

Down the long trail he awaits me,
at the other end I stand feeling free.
Soon my life will no longer be mine,
it will then soon be with him intertwined.

Is two heads always better than one,
I keep on thinking is it going to be fun
a smile or a frown which should I use,
as I ponder on the color of my shoes.

Everyone rushing and running around,
looking to help me find the right gown.
Not knowing who's to be invited there,
matching the party up into pairs.

Reception is hard to many for seating,
cash is too low, not much for drinking or eating.
The time has come, the music begun,
down the trail I go thinking should I run.

As I get closer there he stands,
waiting for me with his open hands.
My heart beats faster as I get near,
his smile, his eye, chasing away my fears.

I reach the end and by his side,
I wonder if my life's to die,
but in three words he makes it all true,
as he looks over at me and say I LOVE YOU.


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