Poem about Spirituality

O well, yes, it's about me-my desires, passions and selfishness. I am so in want of many things. However, one night, I just felt empty- so bankrupt within. I knelt, cried and sobbed. Things -transients- can never satisfy me! But only God can.

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Published: January 2014

I always want to be somebody;
Who has everything - wealth, power and glory.
People will look at me with envy;
Crying and hoping that they are me.

Dreaming. Wanting. Wishing.
My heart desires for luxurious living.
Drink. Eat. Be merry;
Oh! What a good life would that be.

But I realized- stricken, awakened,
How meaninglessly I lived!
How foolish I was- tricked, deceived;
To live in vain- wanting the rubbish things.

Ashamed. Unworthy. Guilty.
How wicked I am before Thee;
To trust on temporal things- transient, worthless,
To forsake, forget and renounce Thy grace.

Vanity! How plain and nonsensical,
To be passionate for things not eternal.
Behold! Confess. Repent.
Be changed. Be changed.



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