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This poet reflects on the awesome experience of interacting with a baby.

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Little Baby Sister


Published: February 2006

Little baby soft and true, watch her grow to be just like you.
Little baby I love you so, just how much you'll never know.
Little baby you mean so much, you changed our lives with the very first touch.
Little baby so soft and sweet, cool and gentle like a heavenly breeze.
Little baby watch her grow a whole year now look at you go.
Little baby an angel in my eyes, so full of love so full of life.
Little baby eyes full of hope, that little smile that makes you glow.
Little baby sister of mine you're a beautiful person with a beautiful mind.
Little baby what would I do if ever I had to be without you.
Little baby you've taken my heart, I've fallen in love with all that you are.
Little baby what's left to say, without you my world would be nothing but gray.
Little baby I hear your voice, thoughts of the future incomplete by choice
Little baby I have no doubt you've made me realize what life is about.
Little baby hold my hand, you are the world baby Sheyanne.



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