Father Poem

How To Love An Alcoholic Father

I have dealt with a lot of traumas from my father. The fact that he is an alcoholic gives him a whole other side that is almost unforgivable. I'll search my whole life for the forgiveness it takes, and at the same time, I'll love him no matter what.

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At The Bottom Of The Bottle


Published: April 2008

At the bottom of the bottle
his feelings won't show
he'll let no one know
the feelings he hides
real late at night
his feelings ignite
At the bottom of the bottle

His pain goes away
he feels ashamed
to feel so insane
he'll never know it's all right
so for his liquor he'll fight
and his pain goes away
At the bottom of the bottle

It's a sad sight
his lifestyle is traumatic
moving out I'll be ecstatic
it's unfortunate, I know
but that doesn't mean I won't go
it's a sad sight
At the bottom of the bottle



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