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Is it more special to be a birth father or to be a step-father?

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Ode To The Step-Dad


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

Although you're not my birth dad,
You've loved me since I was small,

The road has not always been easy.
I'm sure at times you've  wondered how you even got here at all,

There may have been times when I was distant,
Resenting you because you weren't my 'real' Dad.

And when the going got real rough at times,
I'm sure you felt you'd been had,

But time is the great healer.
She's patient and loving and kind.

One day I woke up from my slumber,
And with you, I just changed my mind.

I decided you weren't such a bad guy.
You really seemed like you cared.

You seemed to make Mommy so happy,
Perhaps I could open my heart just a little bit if I dared.

You stood there with arms wide open
When I decided to take 'the chance.'

It seemed so natural and made such sense,
Like a lovely, well-choreographed dance.

You never held it against me,
Those early days when I wasn't so sure,

And when you hold me so close and so dear,
I now know our love is real and pure.


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