Grandmother Poem

She Loved Us

A child shares a special relationship with her grandmother.

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Published: February 2006

She gave us hugs and kisses
each time we came around.
Paper dolls and songs to sing,
never with a frown.
No matter how we played.
No matter how we fought.
She just put her arms around us,
and loved us a whole lot.

I'll never forget her lovely voice,
or the way she shakes her head.
How she told us stories,
and sent us off to bed.

Christmas trees and manger scenes
is her favorite time of year.
Her Santa Clause dances around,
and sing her songs of cheer.
She loves it when the family comes,
it fills her with delight.
She loves us all the same,
even when we're not in sight.

So, if you have trouble remembering
all the little things, just remember
how she loves us, and how she loved her King.


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