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The story of a grandmother who inspires her granddaughter in every facet of her life.

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Published: February 2006

I close my eyes and try to form a complete picture of everything about her. The way she smells, the way her hair moved when the summer breeze swifted on by, the way she smiled and everything dark suddenly became bright.
Then I stop to just think.
A smile quickly attaches to my face.
I took a deep breath and taste lavender, smell witch hazel, and then I open my once closed eyes and see her.
She's there.
I reach to touch her comforting face and realize just how much I miss her.
She is a part of me.
She is what makes me a strong woman when I need to fight.
She is what makes me tender when I need to be a shoulder to cry on.
She is the one that can take a stick of butter and a loaf of bread and turn it into a feast for God.
She is the one who taught me to find beauty in everyone and everything and that judgment is unnecessary.
I sit back now in my rusted wicker chair and let out a sigh.
I look up at the light blue colored sky and thank God.
She, the woman that is everything positive and strong,
She, the titanium wall that stands 60 feet tall and blocks evil, prejudice, and all wrong in this world is my memaw.
She is much older now and with age came a wise beauty.
She is omniscient, all knowing.
Of course, I am told all wonderful grandmothers are.
I let out a little chuckle every time I am told this because my memaw is a whole different species, she is an angel.
And when it is her time to assist God I will sit on my porch, with laughter of my children, and tell them of the part of themselves that is pure angel...memaw.


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