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This is a poem about my struggle with middle school and all the drama, Friends, and boyfriends and one day after school I just wrote this out of anger because of my friends.

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That's my life everyday same thing. The thing about the friends is so true one minute your BFFS and the other you don't even talk.

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Middle School Drama


Published: May 2008

They really don't see
how much this effects me.
I tell them over and over again
but they just don't want to listen.

They laugh and they giggle
and tell the whole world
YEAH! that's because their
the typical popular girl.

When I put them in their place
they go and be two faced.
Middle school sucks I hope
in high school I will have better luck.

All the drama
the haters,
backstabbers, and liars
you got to pick your friends
like you are walking on fire.

I used to have one good friend
that was there till the end
then she got a boyfriend
and now its a never again.

All the guys,
the lies,
the rumors,
and the facts
karmas a BITCH
so you better step back.

Shouting things that don't
need to be shouted.
Finding a true friend,
Ah ha I doubt it.

Screaming in you face
just want to kick their ass,
do it
your done
now walk away with some class.

Flirting is not so bad
It's a sign of affection.
Fighting in the hallways
Automatic DETENTION!

Walking around
all alone
gives you time to think
all the strength you've grown.

Now that I'm stronger
I'll fight and defend
because I'm a true friend
and will always be there in the End.



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  • Gabby by Gabby, NJ
  • 5 years ago

That's my life everyday same thing. The thing about the friends is so true one minute your BFFS and the other you don't even talk.

  • Kira Leiha by Kira Leiha, Hawaii
  • 6 years ago

This is a great poem which expresses middle school life! I really connected with it, especially with the whole BFF drama. Love it!

  • Ashley by Ashley, Miami
  • 6 years ago

Every school I go to drama follows me. It's like that annoying hair on your face that takes forever to come off.

  • Ruben Silverio by Ruben Silverio, Danbury
  • 7 years ago

I am in middle school too (except I'm a guy) and all of what you said happens at my school. It is so true, and just like you said, I hope for better luck in high school. Thanks for the poem, it really spoke to me.

  • Ziona Powell by Ziona Powell, New York
  • 7 years ago

Man, I know, I just lost my friend, and drama is everywhere in my school, it's very sad but true.

  • Unknown by Unknown
  • 7 years ago

You're good. It happened to me too. My friend won't talk to me after I did something stupid. A part of me has died kind of. One of my friend is mean and is falling under drugs don't know if I can trust him anymore.

  • Kareena by Kareena
  • 8 years ago

Yeah... I has Middle School Drama too... My friends won't listen to me too. They never understand what I am feeling. Scoffs. They never do. Even I lost one of my best friends. She changed. I don't like her anymore... She changed. All I know is; I want her back. I miss old her. I don't want her to change. She changed to somebody that she isn't being herself... Same thing. I been backstabbed and some other things... I'm backstabbed by my best friend.

  • Ashley Hamilton by Ashley Hamilton
  • 8 years ago

This is exactly how I feel about middle school actually it is happening right now during middle school it sucks, life sucks

  • Kimi by Kimi, NC
  • 8 years ago

Yeah this soo explains school, but no it gets absolutely no better in high school!! Its actually the exact same thing :/ I have lost one of my best friends!! This year I lost her friendship over something stupid actually and now I can't even talk to her!!! :( I mean I feel as if a piece of me died inside when she stopped talking to me!! It was all over a boy :/ and now we don't talk don't look at each other No more phone calls from her, no more short conversations between us, no more anything, she wont talk to me. I have tried to talk to her she won't listen she thinks it was my fault!! I don't have a best friend anymore and its all because of something stupid!!!! She was like my sister and now she is gone!! :(

Moral from this story: Don't let a boy get between you and your best friend!!!

  • Christian Paz by Christian Paz
  • 8 years ago

Awesome. This is exactly what life at my school is like. it s nice to know that I'm not the only one.

  • Kasey by Kasey
  • 8 years ago

Wow thanks I think this would make a great song you just need to fix it up a little... put on a tune... and just SING!
haha thanks!

  • tara by tara
  • 10 years ago

this is a really good poem, it shows the true side of school which is sad. the best friend boyfriend thing yet been there done that.

anyway good work :)

  • Thomas Owens by Thomas Owens
  • 10 years ago

This is mad good.

  • Ashley by Ashley
  • 10 years ago

is exactly how my life is
you are so good at this

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