Mother Daughter Poem

I dedicate my poem to my Mother, your Mother, and all the Mothers of the world who sacrifice their lives everyday for the children of this planet.

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Same scenario between my daughter and I ten years ago when she was 15. It broke our hearts, but we let go and let God. Didn't hear from her for almost 3 years. Then a mutual family friend...

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Mommy Do You Love Me?


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2007 with permission of the Author.

Mommy, do you love me?
Of course I do, dear!
Let's snuggle a minute,
Come sit
Over here.

I prayed every bedtime,
For a little girl like you,
And when I saw your funny face,
No one else would do!

Your face was all wrinkled,
Your skin was all red.
You were bald as a beach ball,
Not a hair on your head.

You cried and you yelled
You burped and you spit,
You threw the odd tantrum,
You took the odd fit.

But you're growing up quickly
And soon you'll take flight,
And I'll be alone
With my memories each night.

SO, you ask, DO I LOVE YOU?
My answer is simple,
I love every freckle,
I love every dimple.
I love every giggle
I love every smile,
You're my reason for living,
You make life worthwhile.
Together we'll travel life's road to the end.
Sweetheart, you're my daughter!
My Very Best Friend!


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  • Diana Hughes by Diana Hughes
  • 7 years ago

My one and only biological daughter is fifteen. I have not seen her since Mother's Day in 2016. She stopped talking to me in June 2016. She has gone as far as blocking me, changing her phone number, and not looking at ANY messages I send to her stepmom and dad's phones. She is in her first year of high school and I'm missing EVERYTHING!! I feel that I have lost my daughter and best friend FOREVER!! I have a heart that feels like someone has ripped to shreds and I feel like I can't breathe sometimes. I'm grieving and mourning the loss of my daughter. I know she is still alive and is doing well.

  • Karma Yuden by Karma Yuden
  • 6 years ago

Dear Diana,
It is pity to see that you couldn't keep in contact with your only daughter. But by now I hope you might have moved on a little as it's almost 8 months since posting this. Fate made us depart and meet together, so we have bear the situation. I feel your daughter is fortunate to have a mom like you. Although she is ignoring you, you never hate her nor are you thinking of giving up. For me I lost my mom when I was 4, and now I am 19. I have moved on with my life. Life is disappointing without Mom, however, I have to take it as it is my fate. I want to spend time with her and have fun, but there is no way that she can come back. I want to call a simple word MOM, but I don't have anyone to be called. Whenever I see and hear friends talking about their mom, I become speechless as I don't have any memories to share. So dear MOTHER, have courage to move on and start your new life. I hope you may meet with your lovely daughter one day. Happy life ahead and always be kind.

  • Catherine Koepsel by Catherine Koepsel
  • 6 years ago

Dear Mother of Daughter,
My heart goes out to you. I understand what you are experiencing more than I can say. Know you are not alone. I will include you in my prayers.
A Mother to a Mother

  • Tee Tee by Tee Tee
  • 6 years ago

I pray that all is well between you and your daughter. I just wanted to note that...
The only thing in life that is forever is eternity. If things are not good between you and your daughter, then you need to let go and let God. Prayers change things. Keep your daughter and your situation lifted up in prayer.
May God Bless!

  • Angel Mccollough by Angel Mccollough
  • 7 years ago

Then try the cops. If that doesn't work go to child services since she's only fifteen

  • Lynn Binder by Lynn Binder
  • 7 years ago

Same scenario between my daughter and I ten years ago when she was 15. It broke our hearts, but we let go and let God. Didn't hear from her for almost 3 years. Then a mutual family friend found her on social media and reached out to her. Eventually she asked about us and made contact. One month later she came home for good. Went to college, married, and has a new baby. Our relationship was rocky at first, but we kept loving her and praying. We have the best relationship ever now. Time and faith heal all wounds.

  • CJ Fernando by CJ Fernando
  • 8 years ago

My mom is always having a hard time trying to understand me. I'm moody and always want to get what I want. If I don't then a war might happen. I know it's wrong but can't help it. I didn't grow up with her because I was living with my grandmother since I was 12. I had always thought that it was her responsibility to give me my needs and wants because she is my mother. Now, that I'm already a degree holder and planning to find and get a job, I've started asking myself, "Will she still be there whenever I need her?"

  • A Gant by A Gant
  • 7 years ago

I don't know you or the circumstances, weren't there for her either since you were 12. Sounds as if your grandmother raised the rest of you. Now you're grown and have a degree. Your mother raised you to age 12. Must've been hurtful and difficult for her to let you go to your grandmother. And now you wonder if she'll be "there" for you. Define "there." Is it monetarily? Or is it unconditional love? Let the "give me what I want" go. She will always be your mom. She probably did the best she knew how. Now do your best to show her you appreciate her on Mother's Day. Reach out and give her some love! And there is One who even loves us more...

  • Sheila by Sheila
  • 7 years ago

You need to ask God to show you what you can do to heal the relationship with your mother. A loving relationship requires giving and unselfish love. It sounds like you've used anger and pouting to get your way. Ask God to show you what you need to do to love your mom. She would be so overjoyed to have you back in her life. Show your mom that you want to be her girl again and let God lead the way.

  • Donna Price by Donna Price, Florida
  • 10 years ago

Yesterday afternoon as I waited for my husband at Sam's club in Cocoa, FI I was joined a gentleman waiting for his spouse, as we enjoyed our conversation he quoted to me this lovely poem. Today I proceed to Google having so enjoyed the poem and his beautiful delivery, and low and behold the gentleman was Arnot McCallum. What a delight.

  • Laraine Smith by Laraine Smith
  • 14 years ago

This is one of the sweetest poems I have ever read! It reminds me of a poem that my mom wrote for me!

  • keo by keo
  • 15 years ago

being a single parent with 3 girls is very hard, but the rewards I get every day make it all worth while. The first kiss good morning, the last kiss good night, would not change that for the world. All the amazing art work I get, my walls are better then an art gallery. Almost all the poems I have read have touched my heart in some one. So to all the wonderful parents, grandparents and all the extended family that are doing a great job to raise their children , enjoy the little things in life and keep your kids close at heart.

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