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19 is too young for a best friend to die. It leaves me wondering why he did it, why he never said a word. He never left a note. My older brother, Branden, found him. His life long friend. Hanging in his closet. I can only imagine how he feels. He never cried once. I think he is still in shock, or maybe he just breaks down alone like me. I think about Patrick every single day, and what everyone would be like if he were still here today.

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My Best Friend Patrick


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014 with permission of the Author.

You thought of all of your problems
Then you thought of your pain
This went on for years and years
Eventually you went insane.
Sunk into a deep depression
You never failed to hide.
Fake smiles made us think you were okay.
Fake laughs to erase our doubt.
You were dying inside and couldn't find a way out.
One last goodbye, to your best friend,
your sisters, your mother.
For it was the end.
Walked up to your bedroom, feeling 20 feet tall.
You took the tie, put it around your door,
Then ended it all.
My big brother found you,
cold and without breath.
I remember my Mom getting the call.
Big brother came home, tears on his face.
Went into his room and just stared at the wall.
We couldn't believe it.
You were a son, a brother, and a loving friend.
19 was too early for it to end.
I don't remember if I even got to say goodbye.
But I hope you know I love you, I wish I could see your happy face.
The years have gone by, and I try to remember such little things.
Your smile, the way you talked, all the jokes we had.
I write down memories of those happy times, when we were all together.
I know that I will never get to see you again.
But even though you're gone now,
You will always stay in our hearts,
My best friend.


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