STOP Suicide Poem

Tried To Commit Suicide

I am 22 years old and attempted suicide 3 times. I am happy at times, married to a gorgeous man, but depression once overran my life. I hope this poem helps people see how things change and some don't. Love yourself.

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Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008 with permission of the author.

I feel so alone.
I'm hopeless in life,
I try to be happy but only find it with a knife.
It slips through my wrists and flows from my veins,
a crimson waterfall that's born from pain.
Happiness is a concept burned from my soul,
this beautiful entity now covered in shadow,
will slip from this body that's been used as a tool,
for sex,
I'm a worthless fool.

I died once!

As I hung in the air, I thought about life of those who do care,
my mother and farher,
friends and my pup,
those whom I loved and knew one day we'd meet up,
but I was cheated of that blessing and brought back to this cruel world,
overrun with rapists back into the cold.

Now I live in the shadows,
my cries being covered with smiles.
Twenty-four hours being watched,
endless nights being touched,
friends to hold my hand, future plans,

and yet....
I feel so alone!


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