Moving On Poem

Metaphor Poem For Unappreciated Love

I think sometimes in love, there's somebody who gives far more than their partner does. This poem is about those who aren't appreciated for their devotion.

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My Boat

© more by Darren A. Mccallum

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2019 with permission of the Author.

You were my boat, sleek by design.
I was your jetty, one of a kind.
We were deeply in love and made for each other,
And I promised I'd never harbour another.
We endured many storms, some big, and some small,
And I stood firm for you through them all.
And no matter how fierce those winter winds blew,
I'd withstand the force and keep hold of you.
Your delicate nudge when the weather was fine,
Your smooth polished body, pressing up against mine.
I was the happiest jetty in all of the sea,
And I couldn't believe that you'd chosen me,
But over the years I watched our rope fray,
And I could see you were slowly slipping away.
The knots that we'd fastened were no longer tight,
But I tried to hold on with all of my might
I couldn't survive without you by my side.
I never gave up, oh how I tried.
Then came an angry, tempestuous storm,
And the minute it passed, you were suddenly gone.
That day you left me was painfully bleak.
I stood there, heartbroken and structurally weak.
I had braved the conditions for so many years.
Now my timber was heavy, sodden with tears,
My pylons gave way, the wood didn't float,
And slowly I drowned still in love with my boat.


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