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Revealing Hidden Emotions

I was raised in a musical family. I've played guitar since 1961. My Mom had learned piano when she was young and played organ at her church. Dad sang, played saxophone and harmonica. He even performed with his band on radio back in the 40's. My relationship with my Dad was not always a happy one, but I tried to remember some of the good times I had with him. There were a few, mostly with music involved, but this is one of my most memorable. I hope you can relate to what it meant to me.

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My Father's Hug

© more by Brian A. Bendall

Published: October 31, 2018

My Father, he was never one
To show his deepest feelings.
He never cared too much for hugs,
Either giving or receiving.

I guess that's just the way he was,
To hang on to his manhood.
Emotions should be never shown,
I think, he thought no man should.

There was a summer at our lake
Where we would spend vacations.
Our family went there every year
To this beautiful location.

One day my Dad and I set out
To get some food supplies.
We could only go by boat,
But there were cloudy skies.

Half way there, some thunder rolled
And soon it started raining.
No matter what our speed was at,
The storm was quickly gaining.

My cousin's cottage was in sight,
We made a bee-line there.
Until the storm had gone away,
That cottage we would share.

The door not locked, no one was home,
So this would be our refuge.
It saved us from the pouring rain
And all that storming deluge.

We sat inside, but not a word
Was said between us two.
We listened to the rain come down,
While the thunder and lightning grew.

Then, deep in thought, my Dad stood up
And started looking 'round.
He saw a box and opened it,
A harmonica he'd found.

He sat back down, slapped it hard,
Then started into play.
There's only one piece he would do,
It's still in my heart this day.

"Maria Elena" was the song
And I just quietly listened.
I'd never heard him play like this,
The notes that came just glistened.

And as he played, his eyes were closed,
His head would weave in rhythm.
He played the song with all his heart
And all the passion in him.

I felt Dad reaching out to me
To show me his emotions.
I began to feel a bit choked up
From this musical devotion.

The storm had all but disappeared,
Though it was still there raging.
The only thing that I could hear,
Was Dad and I engaging.

When he stopped, he looked at me
And saw my eyes were welling.
I couldn't help but feel the love,
Through music, he was telling.

He smiled a bit then bowed his head.
There was nothing more to say.
The storm was gone, we bailed the boat
And continued on our way.

I'd never seen my Dad like that,
Before or even after.
We did have some good times, of course,
With smiles and often, laughter.

But something happened on that day
That's in my heart forever.
Somehow we bonded through that storm,
His "hug", will leave me never.



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