Rape Poem by Teens

He Is Not Who You Think He Is

I hope this poem makes you think. The guy you like may not always be who you think he is.

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My Heart Skips A Beat


Published: October 2016

When I see you,
My heart skips a beat.
I don't want to admit it,
But I'm accepting defeat.
I've liked you for a while,
Maybe a while too long.
It's not like a fairy tale
Or a stupid love song.
You just walk by me;
You don't even look.
I wish that you would
'Cause it's my heart that you took.
I doubt that you know it,
But I could be wrong.
If you feel it too
I wonder how strong.
Then one day I see you walking;
You're only a few steps behind.
Maybe you do it to
To see if I mind.
You come up from behind me;
I have nowhere to run.
I used to really like you,
But this is no fun.
You are everywhere I go,
Around every corner I turn.
The sight of your face
Makes me skin start to burn.
That look on your face,
Like I'm your fresh meat.
When I see you,
My heart skips a beat.

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