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Poem About Being Raped After Beer

I wrote this poem for my cousin, who was raped when she was 15. She's now 27 and married with two kids and is very happy.

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I was raped, and he took my v-card. I was never the same. It broke me, and I'm still trying to repair.

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© more by Moira Thompson

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012 with permission of the Author.

You told me that you loved me
And would never break my heart
You said that it was fun
That it wouldn't hurt.

So I took the cup from your hands
And put it to my lips
I started to get dizzy
And felt your hands around my hips.

You led me up the stairs
And into a dark place
You laid me on the bed
And put your hands around my face.

You slipped of my shirt
And undid the button on my skirt
You put yourself on top of me
Then it started to hurt.

The only thing I heard
Was you laughing in my ear
Your hot breath in my face
And the stench of too much beer.

When you were finished
You rolled over on the bed
Put your arms around my waist
And kissed me on the head

Then you got up
And got something from the floor
I heard the break of plastic
Then you got on top of me once more.

This time it was louder
As the headboard hit the wall.
You were taking away my innocence
My hope, you took it all.

Finally you stopped
Got up and walked down stairs
You left me all alone
Crying, cold, and scared.

I don't remember everything
But that moment I'll never forget
When I took the first sip of beer
The thing I most regret.

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  • No Name by No Name
  • 5 years ago

I was raped, and he took my v-card. I was never the same. It broke me, and I'm still trying to repair.

  • Luh by Luh
  • 10 years ago

I can relate to the story , when I was 17 I was molested. This guy gave me alcohol and he was about to penetrate me when I cried and begged him not to take my virginity. This year I got molested and raped again after being given alcohol.

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