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Abuser Taking Away My Voice

This is about a terrible part of my life. Let's just...well, let's just leave it at that...

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Tears run down my face He screams, I cry harder I look at my father He is red and angry again What did I do, why I do suffer? Always a why, but never an answer Hurt, pain,...

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I'm Left Silent


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017 with permission of the Author.

I'm left silent,
I'm left in pain.
You are so violent
and completely insane.

The way you touched
and hurt me so well
left my body crushed,
and you could tell.

But you loved me hurt,
broken and bruised.
When you'd rip my shirt,
you'd yell I lose.

And I always did,
for you were stronger,
and whenever I hid,
you hurt me longer.

I didn't deserve it,
but now I have no choice.
I'll have to endure it,
for I have no voice.

So forget me,
but remember,
I'll never forget you.

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  • Audrey Edwards by Audrey Edwards
  • 2 years ago

Tears run down my face
He screams, I cry harder
I look at my father
He is red and angry again

What did I do, why I do suffer?
Always a why, but never an answer
Hurt, pain, torment for many years.
How do I rid myself of the demons that still haunt me?

I awake to yelling, screams from my mother. I hear him coming down the hall. I know it's me he is looking for. He slams the door open. I try to make myself disappear in my blankets. His hands reach and find me. I scream as he takes me by the hair and drags me out of bed. Another night of horror has just begun. Hours of pain lay ahead of me. He holds me down, kneeing me repeatedly. My body stings from all the blows, but he won't stop. He doesn't let go. Please God, let me die. The rage the hatred that flows through this man this man I call dad.

  • Alexia Small by Alexia Small
  • 4 years ago

My name is Lexi. I have been beaten and abused in every day from my mother. I was molested by a 21-year-old who was a super, super senior when I was a sophomore in high school. When I met him, I was desperate for someone to love me because I had no one, but he just wanted sex. When I was 14, another man raped me. He was 25, once again in a different town. I was on the streets and looking for a friend, a place to stay, and somebody to care about me. He did not. I had been suicidal since I was 8, and I had been cutting since I was 5. I’m doing better now, and I’m engaged to someone who hasn’t even asked for sex or hinted at it because he knows my past, and he is the reason I have started to trust men again. I am now 17, and yes, I still have days where I don’t get out of bed, but it’s getting better, and I am starting to feel alive again. There are times when I feel like I see my mother, but I know that she is far away and cannot hurt me again. Now for the men, I will see them again, and that’s okay.

  • Jolie K. Parker by Jolie K. Parker, carthage MO
  • 5 years ago

I was sexually abused when I was 8 and again when I was 14. I felt like I didn't have a voice when I was 8. I felt petrified. I was frozen and couldn't speak. I lived in fear for 4 years. I finally found my voice when I was 12, but it was too late. I started cutting myself when I was 8 because I couldn't talk about what happened to me. I'm 16 now and I still cut myself but not as religiously as I used to.

  • Marlee Sisters by Marlee Sisters
  • 7 years ago

Wow...I have no words. My heart is hurting from this in the best possible way.

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