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Great Things About A Mom Poem

This one goes out to all the moms out there who give it all they've got and more.

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My Hero


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2006 with permission of the Author.

Most people think of a hero as a superstar.
My hero is an everyday person.
My hero is my mom.

My mom is a hero; she stands for hope.
My mom is a person you see every day.
My mom is there when I'm trying to cope.
My mom was there when I was little and all I wanted to do was play.

My mom is strong and has beat all odds.
My mom is a teacher and works hard at her job.
My mom is a hero; she is my crystal ball.
My mom is a hero who I know will catch me if I fall.

My mom is my shining star.
She is the one I look to when times are hard.
Sure, she isn't perfect, but she isn't that far from it,
But to me she is as perfect as any mom could be.
Mom you are my hero, my everything!

*This poem is dedicated to my mom and all the moms around the globe.*


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