Regret Poem

Regret About Friend's Suicide

This poem is about my best friend, who committed suicide on the 4th of April. She was thirteen, turning fourteen, and I'd known her since I was three. I guess I'm putting this up because I can relate to a lot of people on this site, and it's nice to know you're not alone in these things.

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My Now Angel

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Published: April 2015

These words don't come easy,
but they are things that I must say.
See, I don't think I ever told you
that I wished you would stay...

I know it's not much use now,
and that's what hurts the most,
because without you down here,
my now angel, all of us are lost.

I'm sure I didn't say it enough,
the words "I love you," I mean,
and that's my biggest regret in life,
since now you're nowhere to be seen.

I really hope you hear my prayer,
as I beg for your forgiveness.
See, I never meant to cause you pain
and all that grief and sadness.



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