Sister Death Poem

My sister wrote this poem when she was dying of cancer.
She was given a few months in may 2007 then died in November 2007.
she was such a brave and beautiful lady.I wanted to share this with everyone.
She was fifty one years old and had two sons.
I loved and miss her so much.

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My Life By Teri Blackmore


Published: September 2008

At six I was a princess
Rapunzel was her name
Because I had the longest hair
That was my claim to fame

St Cyres was my next school
The days were strict and long
But looking back were good times
And now are long and gone

Next I was a hello girl
The best time I ever had
Like being in the army
But I was never sad

Lee came along at twenty
It was a big surprise
But no regrets I am so proud
Because he is my eyes

I next went to the hospital to work
For eleven years I stayed
And then they pinched me for the police
Where now I'm old and frayed

At thirty- eight I married
Because Jordan came along
He was such a pretty baby
But those days are long and gone

My boys are my life achievement
So proud I cannot say
One day they'll be famous
They are the reason I tried to stay!!



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