Birth Poem

Poem About Blessing Of Baby

This is about the happiness & love of a mother to her child. She was so grateful to God when she was blessed to give birth to a healthy & beautiful baby. Not all mothers count it as one of the blessings of God. Some mothers do not give their best love for their children, they even neglect & hate having their babies. Babies are gifts & blessings from God!

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My Star Was Born


Published: May 2009

It was January 3, 2000 6:51 at night
I heard a voice crying so loud yet so light.
Oh! I could hardly believe it,
I saw 10 little fingers, 10 little toes
1 chubby body and 1 little nose.

I couldn't explain what I have felt then
So, the very first day, I stared at You again.
I never wanted to leave You nor sleep a bit
I always wanted to embrace You
And kiss You from head to feet.

What a great feeling!
A wonderful blessing!
Not everyone would see
Nor count as it should be.

God, so meek and mild,
He gave You to me
My dearest and only child,
Star's name is Jenvi.



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