Father Child Poem

Poem About The Greatest Man In The World

I wrote this poem to my dad as a birthday present. It's a way of saying thanks for being the "perfect" dad.

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My Perfect Dad


Published: June 2016

I have the very perfect dad,
That is something anyone could see.
But I don't know if I've told him
Exactly what he means to me.

Perhaps he thinks I've missed his lessons
Or that we've grown apart,
But Dad, I've picked up every one;
They're forever written on my heart.

My dad is gentle but strong
And knows right from wrong.
He will sit with me all through the night,
That is why he is my glowing light.

My dad is like the stars, somehow he's always there.
My dad is someone who will always help,
Who shows support and will always care.

My dad is like a book, the endings are never clear.
But through the pages, his love is always near.
My dad will always be; he helps define just who I am
And is part of me eternally.

When times are good, when times are bad,
The greatest man in the world will forever be...my dad.

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